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Vesna Vidić

Italian language professor

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Learn Italian language over Skype with the help of qualified professor at the time and in the way that suit you best. My name is Vesna Vidić. I am a linguist, language lover, enthusiastic enough to think that all language barriers can be overcomed by mixing a good input with a twist of a good will, spicing it all up with the approach customized and tailored to your needs.

After finishing Philological Grammar School at the Department of Classical Philology in Sremski Karlovci, I started my studies at the Faculty of Philosophy at the Department of French Language and Literature in Novi Sad where I met Mr. Italian for the first time... Our relationship grew into the love that will last forever...

From September 2004 till September 2009, I worked as an Italian language teacher in a school that specialized in teaching Italian language as L2. I developed my teaching competences both through teaching and through various seminars at the Italian Cultural Institute in Belgrade, as well as through internship - practical training program at the school Torre di Babele in Rome.

In the meantime, I got the certificate Level CILS TRE – C1 that is placed in the high-end model of the CEFR and it represents the level of mastery in competence in Italian as a foreign language .

In my carrier I have been given the opportunity to work in the field where I specialized in terminology concerning areas related to the construction and equipping (architecture, electronics and electrical, plumbing, engineering and machinery...).

I am also responsible for correspondence with foreign partners, the written translation of various documents, as well as interpreting at meetings, presentations, discussions and negotiations.

Through all these years I never gave up teaching. I work with groups of students as well as with individuals and in my lessons I don't focus only on my students' fields of interest, but I focus on each and every element of the language providing constant support to my students: you can always send me an email asking me any question that has to do with italian.

Since I have gained extensive experience in multiple fields, I can also offer you lessons for specific subjects (business Italian, technical Italian, etc.).

My teaching focus is you and my goal is to make you competent to speak and feel confortable in italian! To live and love the italian language experience!

  • Lessons at the time that suits you best
  • Lessons in the environment that suits you best (in the comfort of your home, in the office, on vacation or trip)
  • Your precious time saved and your free time best utilized
  • Individual and group lessons via Skype
  • Learning speed adjusted to your level and your progress
  • Free trial lesson
  • Free additional materials, tests, controls and homework analysis
  • Efficient, flexible, comfortable, affordable, modern, easy!

You will discover most about the teacher from her students and clients