Translation prices

Written translation

Translation of all kinds of texts, documents and other similar written forms.

Italian to Serbian7-9€

Send document

Serbian to Italian9-11€

Send document

These are the prices per page and will vary depending on the subject, on the technical difficulties of the content, on the volume of the project (the amount) and on the planning and delivery (urgency)…
The best way would be to send the material for translation first and after the revision I will contact you to agree upon other details.

The volume of one page contains 1,800 characters including spaces and is calculated when in the translated document you find the option "Word Count" and divide the number titled "Characters With Spaces" with 1,800. This way you will get the number of pages that you should then multiply by the price per page of translation and you will come to the amount to be paid.

Consecutive interpretation

Interpreting at meetings, presentations, discussions, negotiations and other.

Consecutive interpretation25€/h

Hire me

This service is intended for the business world. In my experience of thousands of hours of engaging in various business negotiations, I learned that the appearance and behavior of the speaker are as important as those of the interpreter.

I try to make my presence neutral, but always pleasant. I respect the Code of business secrets and I strictly comply with it.

If you wish to hire me, you should contact me 2-3 days in advance. In addition, you must instruct me on who will be the participants of the meeting and send me the material for it so that I can prepare myself properly for the same. If you do not have the material prepared, it is therefore necessary to inform me of the topics that will be discussed at the meeting.

As this is a service designed for the business world, it is clear that the meetings in which the presence of a qualified interpreter is inevitable take place in public places, usually at the premises of some companies (not in restaurants and bars). It is also clear the fact that the working day usually ends at five in the evening, so you cannot expect that my involvement lasts much longer than that. If necessary, it can eventually be extended for an hour or two.

For the whole day involvement you are entitled to a discount and, in that case, the price would be € 160 / 8h. For every hour of interpretation started after eight hours of involvement the price is 35 € / hour.